Understand and reduce your water footprint

On May 19th, ENERGIES 2050 organised an awareness raising event with 29 children and their teacher in La Rochefoucauld primary school in Paris. Children were informed about their real waterfootprint, the AquaPath video was displayed and interactive games were organized and animated by ENERGIES 2050...

Aquapath results published in interesting blogs

Last weeks have been very intense for our project. During the launch of the pilot test by Eurocrea Merchant, disseminated through different channels especially in Milan, we had the opportunity to publish information regarding the project through different media. There were two main blogs, with...

First Aquapath event in Monza

First Aquapath event in Monza: more than 350 children! “Buon appetito!” The funny theatre show explained in a funny way healthy and sustainable nutrition through the food pyramid, a theme now very popular, as vastly introduced from the Milan Expo 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy...

Connaitre son empreinte eau pour agir

On April 14th and May 2nd, ENERGIES 2050 organized two raising awareness events, targeting adults, on the European consumers’ water footprint. These events took place in Corte and in Villeneuve Loubet in France, and were the opportunity to present the AquaPath project, test the different...

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