Project partners


Eurocrea Merchant, Italy. Is a management consulting company located in Milan and Naples. Over the years, it has steadily consolidated its multidisciplinary approach, assisting business projects of excellence in various economic sectors. Eurocrea will be in charge of the overall project performance in terms of management, financial and economic conduct and quality assurance.

AREANATejo, Portugal. Is a Regional Energy and Environment Agency which aims at promoting and developing activities that contribute to better energy efficiency and a major use of endogenous resources. Areanatejo primary task is to audit water consumption distribution grids belonging to Local Authorities – thus evaluating the management efficiency of their water supply systems. It will bring its double expertise on scientific and informative aspects devoted to local communities’ awareness raising and capacity building, and shape the project’s training as a whole.

The Water Footprint Network, Netherlands. Is a dynamic, international learning community. Its main activities consist of developing standards, guidelines, criteria, benchmarks for Water Footprint Assessment. Thanks to its expertise in training on water saving, devoted to several target groups, it will bring a real value as for setting up common knowledge basis as well as for the development of the Water Footprint calculator, which will be used as part of the training developed in the project. WFN finally coordinates the analysis of the state of the art.

kimKnowledge Innovation Market, Spain. Was set up with the aim of offering technology-based, innovation services to both companies (SMEs) and public institutions. KIM is the technical partner. Thanks to its experience on coaching, capacity building and training programs, it will bring a real added value for both tools and contents, for the development of AquaPath’s website platform, the integration with educational contents, the application of water saving campaign to local context and for capacity building activities.

aiforiaAiforia, Germany. Agency for Sustainability is an international agency based in Freiburg, Germany. It coordinates international activities focusing on the mainstreaming of good practices, the facilitation of know-how exchanges and the development of projects and processes for sustainability. Within Aquapath, Aiforia is the expert for local communities’ involvement and for participatory and capacity building processes. It will lead the consortium towards the development of common training methodologies for different EU regions, with enough flexibility to be adapted to each partner’s regional context.

energies2050ENERGIES 2050, France. Is a French based Non-Governmental Organization which gathers experts in more than fifty countries. ENERGIES 2050 works in France and internationally on the Great Transition. Within AquaPath, ENERGIES 2050 is the expert on communication and dissemination activities, as well as the Quality Manager. It will bring its expertise in awareness raising and leading citizens towards more sustainable, environmental friendly and human orientated models of development.

comunedimonzaComune di Monza, Italy. Is specifically skilled in Management and planning of educational projects as well as in activities delivered to schools and/or local citizens. Comune di Monza will bring its expertise and value on capacity building, especially: environmental education, citizen’s involvement, organization of conferences, training courses and seminars devoted to teachers and educational/training staff.

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