Report local water issues!

A responsible attitude of using and preserving our valuable water resources does not stop at the doorstep. What if you see a leaking water pipe in public, a blocked gutter which is on the verge of flooding the street, bulky waste disposed of into the river etc. etc.?
Aquapath suggests you to use the “see-click-fix” web tool in order to map the respective issues you notice. You may further add comments, suggest solutions and upload pictures and video documentation.

How does it work?

Click “Report an issue” to locate the spot: either type the street adress or drag the red marker in the map. Then describe the problem you have noticed and possibly upload a picture.
You can either register as a user in order to follow what’s happening, or you submit anonymously. Registered users will be able to see to whom the issue is reported to, and how the problem is fixed.
Of course, you can also get in touch with others to form a “watch group” and possibly take care of reported issues together!


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